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SISQUAL rebrands and puts ‘the ant into the cloud’

brand evolution2019

SISQUAL rebrands and puts ‘the ant into the cloud’

When we think of an ant, we often think about their environment and how they create huge underground colonies to support their organizational lifestyle. The new SISQUAL® brand strategy says otherwise: you can now also think about ‘ants in the cloud’.

The question is… why the ant?

Well, they are famous for their organizational society and the ability to support up to 5 thousand times their own body weight.

They have an inspirational societal structure with a unique division of labour,  however still working as a unified entity,  in a collaborative way to support their colonies.

Using their antennas to communicate between each other, they can solve huge complex problems, in other words: they are an ideal model for an effective natural team, and their way of life makes them the perfect inspiration for the development of Workforce Management software.

SISQUAL®, established in 1992, has been inspired by the ant, and their societies, since 2003, when started evolving its time and attendance solution to more complex workforce management software, check out the brand evolution timeline:

brand evolution2019

Since our expansion throughout Brazil in 2012, SISQUAL® has established offices in Spain in 2016 and created roots in the UK in 2017. In 2019, the company will start expanding, in other parts of Europe, towards the Middle East and the rest of South America.

Cloud technology was one of the major improvements released as part of Version 7.0 of SISQUAL®WFM, launched in 2018.

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