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SISQUAL present at FEHOSP 2016

SISQUAL present at FEHOSP 2016



From the 3rd and 6th of May this year, the 25th FEHOSP Congress will be held at the Tauá Hotel in Atibaia, São Paulo, Brazil. With over 500 years of history, Santas Casas and charitable hospitals are fundamental to providing public health care to the population. In Brazil, there are more than 3,000 entities that serve the Unified Health System and, in some states, become the only option for care of the population.


Since foundation, the Federation has carried out several national movements for the health quality of the country, mainly linked to payments and transfers of resources to entities that provide services to the Unified Health System – SUS.


SISQUAL® participated for the first time in this event that brings together Presidents, Suppliers, Directors and Hospital Administrators of Santas Casas and Charitable Hospitals of the State of São Paulo and other states of Brazil.


During the event, SISQUAL® was visited by many professionals from various health institutions, interested in knowing more about the offer of SISQUAL® WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT solutions. Among these, we had the honor of welcoming Mr. Edson Rogatti (CEO of FEHOSP) and Mr. Flaviano Feu Ventorim, President of the Federation of Santas Casas of the State of Paraná and member of the Executive Board of the Nossa Senhora das Graces Hospital of Curitiba who is the latest SISQUAL® customer.