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SISQUAL partners with Ryalto in the UK


SISQUAL partners with Ryalto in the UK

SISQUAL are partnering with Ryalto to help nurses ‘take control of their working lives’, and are excited to debut in the UK at this year’s CNO Conference, in Birmingham, as the Headline Sponsors.

SISQUAL work with thousands of highly successful Nursing Directors in hundreds of European hospitals and clinics, helping them overcome the frustrations they and their teams have with eRostering, having done so for the last 26 years. Today, 7,000 team managers are able to significantly reduce costs and increase team productivity with SISQUAL® e-Rostering, with more than 700,000 staff benefiting from working with the best roster they have ever had.

Ryalto‘s mobile app provides a powerful set of tools that can help to reduce your agency spend, increase shift fill and drive engagement with your teams. We’ve helped Milton Keynes NHS Trust save over £408k in the last six months via our easy-to-use bank shift booking system. Their staff communication tools (including surveying, newsfeed, announcement and secure chat messaging) can help keep your teams informed and engaged.

Working together, SISQUAL and Ryalto are able to provide a more holistic way to manage the UK NHS workforce, drive efficiencies and improve staff engagement.