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SISQUAL establish a partnership with the Spanish Comnet ISP


SISQUAL establish a partnership with the Spanish Comnet ISP



In line with SISQUAL®‘s strategy for Spain, SISQUAL® further expands its partner’s network, this time with Comnet ISP, a provider of technological solutions in order to jointly explore the Spanish market.


Comnet ISP that currently distributes access control and attendance systems, biometric fingerprint readers, facial recognition, RFID, readers and security systems, and also develops applications to meet various needs and sectors, this way, expands its portfolio with SISQUAL®‘s solutions, thus having an offer of greater value.


This partner is a leader in its industry with a national presence recognized for its customer satisfaction, human talent and execution excellence. On the premise of generating value through excellence and creativity, it enables this company to achieve new goals in the Spanish market.