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Sírio Libanês Hospital explores and approves SISQUAL WFM solution

Sírio Libanês Hospital explores and approves SISQUAL WFM solution



After thorough analysis and testing in practice with the SISQUAL® WFM tool, Hospital Sírio Libanês approved the solution at its institution and is a pioneer in dynamic sizing in its service, management areas.


The project consists of collecting online data such as bed occupancy rate and patient classification for automatic sizing of care teams, thus increasing productivity and quality in patient care.


This hospital have a program of preventive medicine and emergency medical care, highly complex therapeutic hospitalizations and rehabilitation, in which the SISQUAL® WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT system manages work team flows and patient admission and inpatient beds, satisfies and meets the needs of this organization by optimizing it and providing continued recognition with the seal of the Joint Commission International (JCI), the world’s foremost hospital quality control body.


This is the spirit of the Syrian Lebanese Hospital, innovative and pioneer in excellence in management and quality of services, with more than 120,000 patients treated annually and being an international reference center in health, research and development.