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MSC Portugal starts to use SISQUAL Workforce Management solutions

MSC Portugal starts to use SISQUAL Workforce Management solutions



MSC-Mediterranean Shipping Company (Portugal), S.A. is company belonging to the Suiss group MSC, world leader in container cargo shipping, acting in the logistic area offering global services that also include road and rail transportation.


The MSC, through its subsidiary MSC Rail, bought in January 2016 the CP Carga, now known as Medlog, which will expand to Spain, firstly, and then to the rest of Europe.


The MSC Portugal, being a SISQUAL® customer for some years, getting from us support and maintenance of Meta4, the Human Resources’ ERP, started using SISQUAL®´s Workforce Management solutions in the beginning of 2016, when the new premises in Santa Cruz do Bispo, Matosinhos, were built, which include Time and Attendance and Access Control, integrated with Meta4, and the Staff and Manager Self-Service Portal for an universe of 240 employees, already thinking of expanding the solution to the remaining delegations in Portugal, namely to its headquarters in Lisbon, to Aveiro, Entroncamento and Sines.


The integration of Medlog in the MSC group represents an increase in 550 employees, with more complex organizational needs which may well benefit from the advanced SISQUAL®’s WFM solutions, such as SISQUAL® Schedule Generator and SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit.