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J.P. Sá Couto deploys SISQUAL solutions

J.P. Sá Couto deploys SISQUAL solutions

SISQUAL® proudly announces that J. P. Sá Couto, the largest Portuguese manufacturer of personal computers, owner of the brands Tsunami and Magalhães, and a major distributor of international brands of technology and communication components, has chosen SISQUAL´s® Workforce Management Solutions to plan, manage and optimize their vast and highly specialised technical staff.

This project involves the supply and implementation of the following modules:

Roaster Planning and Team Management Solution, SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit

Time and Attendance Solution, SISQUAL® Time&Access

Bidirectional Payroll Integrating Module, SISQUAL® SalaryCalc

Staff Web Portal, SISQUAL®Paperless an organization that believes that people are its most valuable capital, with a very personal and close organizational culture, we are pleased to collaborate for a successful future in managing its workforce.