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Iberol expands the use of SISQUAL solutions

Iberol expands the use of SISQUAL solutions



Iberol is a processing company dedicated to the refinement of proteinaceous seeds in oilseeds and vegetable oils, the production of biofuels (biodiesel) and the cultivation of oilseed and proteinaceous seeds (such as rapeseed and soybeans) in Portugal,


Iberol’s mission is to be a reference of excellence in all sectors in which it operates, achieve and maintain the highest quality standards in all its processes and areas of activity, creating value not only for its shareholders, satisfying the need. of its customers but also valuing and providing its employees with the development of skills, knowledge, creativity and innovation.


Following the implementation of the attendance management solutions and the SISQUAL® employee portal, it has now decided to implement the SISQUAL®Notifier alarm module.


With this module you can create various automatic alerts, from tasks to be done, to employees who did not arrive on time, thus increasing their reaction to less correct situations. As a result of this solution, Iberol increases its ability to manage its workforce well.