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Hospital Ministro Costa Cavalcanti and SISQUAL, commitment to quality!

Hospital Ministro Costa Cavalcanti and SISQUAL, commitment to quality!



The Hospital Costa Cavalcanti has been constantly seeking for quality in the management of the healthcare services of Fundação de Saúde Itaiguapy, being the first hospital of the interior of Paraná to gain the Hospital Accreditation of ONA (National Accreditation Organization), a seal of quality for the area of health, recognized by the Ministry of Health of Brazil.


The seal and certificate are evidence that HMCC has safety, standardization of procedures, training programs and quality of services, as well as the formulation of indicators for decision making.


Having in common the principles of “Transparency, Quality/Safety and Humanization”, when SISQUAL® and the above-mentioned Hospital got together, this meeting resulted in a Workforce Management project which aims, above all, to increase productivity and reduce costs. Having started the implementation this month of April, the objective is to have the solution working in all units of the Hospital in a few months.


With innovation in its DNA, the Hospital Costa Cavalcanti once again comes out first and reinforces the pioneering spirit in its region.