Unidade Local de Saúde de Matosinhos
Santa Casa de Misericórdia da Bahia
Sabará Hospital Infantil
Pulido Valente
Hospital de Santa Maria
Luz Saúde
Hospital LeForte
Hospital IGESP
Hospital 9 de Julho
A.R.S. Lisboa e Vale do Tejo
Garcia da Orta
AC Camargo
Rede Ímpar
Unidade Local de Saúde de Matosinhos


Based on evolved and adaptable algorithms, SISQUAL® WFM is able to forecast needs and generate schedules based on historical analysis, sales forecast and customer flow. Designed to assist with time and activity planning, it monitors the execution of operational tasks, responds to the unforeseen workforce, and manages time recording more effectively.

With a multi-sector oriented architecture, it is easy to integrate with business systems, gathering information from multiple sources, and making workforce management and distribution processes accessible and easier.

Implementing forecasting tools will enable real-time forecast tracking, immediate course correction response, allowing the use of generated Forecast and schedule-based linking functionality to be used to optimize utilization of various features in real-time.

Get to know our Forecast & Planning tools

SISQUAL® Footfall

Record traffic: Know how many visitors you had/have every hour of every day at every one of your locations.

SISQUAL® Profiler

Outcome visualization: Compare & profile information about historical and present, sales, footfall, weather, events vs. performed services at every one of your locations.

SISQUAL® Forecast

Preview demand: predict the future expected visitors and tickets at each location by the hour with a robust algorithm.

Join more than 1,000 customers and trust SISQUAL® WFM to deliver the best schedule your staff can have!