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FHC Group decides to increase the quality of life of its employees

FHC Group decides to increase the quality of life of its employees

In October 2020 the group started the expansion project to implement the SISQUAL WFM tool in the effective management of all its employees, thus joining other major iberian players.

The FHC group is a Portuguese pharmaceutical company born in 1998 in Mortágua, and one of the few national-based drug manufacturers still operating in Portugal, where more than 200 drugs from 50 therapeutic areas are produced.

Focused on the creation and expansion of new products and commercial areas for natural pharmaceutical products, the company has a strong policy of internationalization, cemented by the new production unit built-in 2012, which helped consolidate the company in the international pharmaceutical sector. It is present in 60 markets, in which the Portuguese-speaking African countries stand out, and already has 7 factories and about 630 employees.

The concern with the quality of life of the collaborators was a fundamental point for the choice of the module SISQUAL Quality of Life. With the web portal and app, the FHC collaborator will start to request the shift changes, to request days off, and to schedule his vacations through a portal that allows the validation and approval in a more centralized and dynamic way.

The managers will be able to make this approval in real time, anytime and anywhere, with the guarantee that their decision respects the labour legislation, the rights of their employees and the fulfilment of the contracted public services.

The acquired modules, to guarantee the service levels of the FHC group, were:

SISQUAL® Quality of Life

SISQUAL® Time & Attendance

SISQUAL® Salary Calc


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