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Donostia Kirola chooses SISQUAL WFM

Donostia Kirola chooses SISQUAL WFM



The public organization of sports facilities in San Sebastian, Donostia Kirola, has chosen SISQUAL®‘s workforce management (WFM) tool to improve labor management and scheduling.


With 8 indoor and 2 outdoor swimming pools, 15 gymnasiums, equipped with bodybuilding and cardiovascular machines, 2 athletic tracks, 1 velodrome and 1 squash court, Donostia Kirola have a wide range of facilities at their locations, with more than 90 employees.


To optimize shift management, Donostia Kirola decided to implement SISQUAL® Time&Attendance, so now they will be able to eliminate a significant amount of administrative work, manage employees’ absences, days off, holidays, and always be in accordance to all labor legislation.


Donostia Kirola also chose SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit to have a constantly updated vision of employee’s operational management, and guarantee that they have the right person, in the right place, at the right time, to result in a higher quality of service with lower labor costs.


SISQUAL® is the market leader in the development of workforce management solutions for team planning, management, and effectiveness.


To know more about all the above features, call your SISQUAL® representative now, or go to www.sisqual.com.


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