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COVID-19: SISQUAL develops solution as an alternative to biometric clockings

COVID-19: SISQUAL develops solution as an alternative to biometric clockings

After its first appearance in China, in the city of Wuhan, in December 2019, the new coronavirus – COVID19 – has spread throughout the world, having already infected more than 350,000 people and caused more than 15,

000 deaths. The fast geographical spread led the World Health Organization (WHO), on March 11th 2020, to raise the level of contamination to a pandemic and increase the risk to “very high”.

Bearing in mind the health emergency situation resulting from this pandemic and the consequent declaration of a state of emergency in Portugal, the General Directorate of Health and the Portuguese Medical Ass

ociation have recommended the abolition of biometric fingerprint records.

“The Portuguese Medical Association has decided to recommend to all health institutions in the public, private or social sector that they find alternative measures to the biometric register, used for attendance and punctuality control of doctors and other health units’ employees”, states the Order of Physicians in a press release.

Under these circumstances, SISQUAL has developed SISQUAL® Smart Clocking in less than a week, a web portal, an alternative to biometric registration. This solution, quickly available and easily accessible through the browser of any smartphone or computer with an internet connection, came to meet its customers’ needs by avoiding the common physical registers, thus assuring maximum security. Given this disease’ fast contamination among humans and since the hands are the most common vehicle for infectious agents cross-tra

nsmission, the preventive measure gains extreme importance. 

The two main hospitals in Portugal – Santa Maria in Lisbon and São João in Porto – already have this solution working. It is expected to be quickly extended to the rest of SISQUAL clients around the world.