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Cofidis acquires SISQUAL® WFM software to improve its planning

Cofidis acquires SISQUAL® WFM software to improve its planning

The company that has already reached a reference position in providing loans to natural persons and business entities found in the SISQUAL® WFM software the solution to share the demanded work without prejudice to the quality of life of its employees and that, at the same time, allows all services to be fulfilled at all times and every day of the year.

Cofidis is a financial company that belongs to the Cofidis Participations Group, a financial group with a European dimension created in 1992 in France. It is a company specializing in providing consumer loans remotely for over 20 years. Cofidis customers can manage their accounts without leaving their home.

Present in Portugal since 1996, it has a dynamic and multidisciplinary team of around 810 employees. They will now be managed through SISQUAL WFM in their daily activity to meet the following goals:

– Improve the planning process of their teams, increasing productivity and the optimization of resources;

– Centralize all information and ensure compliance with the labour laws to which they are subject;

– To have a unique visibility at a higher level for a better decision making regarding Human Capital.

The modules acquired by Cofidis to ensure their service level were: SISQUAL® Time Attendance, SISQUAL Quality of life Portal Mobility, SISQUAL Auto Scheduling and SISQUAL Operations Cockpit.

More than 7,500 managers, spread all over the world, use SISQUAL® WFM to reduce costs and increase the productivity of their employees. Join more than 1,000 companies already using SISQUAL WFM solutions and start engaging your workforce now!