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SISQUAL® WFM wins another client in Brazil: Confiança Supermercados

supermercados confiança

SISQUAL® WFM wins another client in Brazil: Confiança Supermercados

The Confiança Supermercados Group decided to optimize its workforce management, seeking greater productivity and operational control. To this end, it chose SISQUAL® WFM as its Workforce Management (WFM) software, with the aim of enhancing the processes of its employees and, consequently, its stores.

The history of the Confiança Supermercados chain began in 1951, with simple structures, but with the aim of working and growing. Today it is one of Brazil’s most reputable and respected chains.

It currently has 15 stores in the cities of Bauru, Marília, Pederneiras, Jaú, Botucatu and Sorocaba. There are also more than 5,000 direct jobs generated by the company, which solidify this history every day.

The need for change. Better management, more professional and personal balance.

In order to optimize its daily operations, given the number of employees and commercial spaces, and to better manage its employees, the Supermercados Confiança Group looked for a WFM solution that would help achieve this goal. Mainly, in 4 points that the organization considered key:

  • Time banking
  • Team sizing
  • Absenteeism
  • Overtime

Basically, there was a need to implement software that would help achieve greater team organization and planning, in order to create a better professional and personal cycle.

The partnership with SISQUAL® WFM

The implementation project involved a TOTVS ERP integration, in order to take advantage of all the systems already in place and streamline this entire operational change. In addition, various SISQUAL® WFM modules were made available:

  • SISQUAL® Time & Attendance: With this module it is possible to manage team attendance data and gain greater control over absenteeism and overtime.
  • SISQUAL® Quality of Life Portal + APP: A fundamental module for maintaining a balance between professional and personal life. Through the application, teams can record attendance, request vacation appointments, change schedules and justify absences.
  • SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit: Through the module it is possible to control the management of employees’ daily tasks; act in real time to optimize processes; and increase productivity, helping to empower employees.
  • SISQUAL® SalaryCalc: The invoicing team can now automatically calculate the hours worked, thus helping to process salaries accurately and more efficiently.

With this partnership, the Confiança Supermercados Group increases its competitive advantage by allocating the right professional, in the right place, at the right time and at the best cost, through efficient management of its workforce.

In addition, SISQUAL is delighted to be able to help and collaborate with such a reputable and renowned group in its segment, while also showing a more global side to its potential as an organization.

Want to know how SISQUAL® WFM can help your company?

SISQUAL’s Workforce Management (WFM) is a solution that allows you to better manage your workforce, optimize work schedules, increase employees’ quality of life, increase productivity during working hours and reduce costs.

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