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SISQUAL solutions to fight COVID-19 and ensure safety and productivity

SISQUAL solutions to fight COVID-19 and ensure safety and productivity

In order to control the pandemic, the implementation of preventive measures is crucial. Within these measures some may arise: planned shift rotations between remote work and face-to-face work for different teams, daily or weekly, differentiated times of clocking in clocking out, differentiated times for breaks and meals, mandatory time lags, and reduction of pendular movements. Adapt the SISQUAL solutions to the needs of your company, responding effectively and simply to new labor requirements that may arise.

What is planned shifted management?

Planned shift rotations are necessary to avoid agglomeration in physical spaces while respecting social distance and maximum capacity. To do this management, it is necessary to plan schedules with different entry and exit times and alternate break and meal times.

What are mirroring teams?

Mirror teams are an effective way to divide employees between remote working and presential work. To make an effective planning, one must make rotating scales in order to guarantee minimum services in a safe way.

What is reduction of pendular movements?

Pendular movement is the daily displacement of people between different municipalities, for work and/or study and housing purposes. One of the measures that becomes effective is to allocate people who have the possibility of remote working to do be doing so from their homes.

Make it simple to plan schedules and not lose control. Know who, when and where your team is.

The SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit offers an overview of all teams. It allows managing the schedules in critical levels of service, ensuring that employees with the necessary skills are present at their workstation. It helps the planning of teams in mirror and remote with the aim of maintaining productivity.

You can also count on the help of real-time alarming systems about non-compliance with labor legislation, such as creating rules for maximum occupation. Manage your schedules in a mirror and make sure you have people working safely in the right place at the right time.

Have a minimum of people in general services with the necessary skills to ensure service levels

Gather in a single screen the information you need most, have visibility of the number of infected in your company, employees in quarantine or active ones, understand who is at home, who is remote working, and check the index of service levels of each department in order to speed up decision making. Have a quick view of the time difference with indicators based on clock in and clock out times or the use of the cafeteria.

Ensure the visibility and safety of your employees with a smart APP

Working with the time lags and communicating the new schedules is a challenge, but with the SISQUAL® WFM App, it is simplified! Besides reducing the amount of paper and make the HR and team leaders routines easier, the SISQUAL® Quality of Life centralizes all requests from employees such as vacations, breaks, justifications, etc. All in a single portal, integrated with the App and through a secure and mobile access.

App transfers the control between the professional and private life to the employees’ hands. A fast and intuitive app that allows you to concentrate on what you need to manage your professional life:

  • Clock in and clock out easily, with just one touch on your smartphone, avoiding the common physical records thus ensuring maximum safety and hygiene in this period of pandemic
  • Easy access to own schedule and place of work
  • Check the team’s work schedule and information
  • Shift exchange request

and so much more…!


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