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SISQUAL just closed a partnership deal with Masymas Supermarkets (Juan Fornés S.A) in Spain

SISQUAL just closed a partnership deal with Masymas Supermarkets (Juan Fornés S.A) in Spain

SISQUAL joins Masymas Supermarkets (Juan Fornés S.A) and its more than 130 supermarkets and 2,600 employees to offer its workforce management solution. By offering our modular and parameterizable solution, we can optimize the needs and goals of each supermarket, adapting them to the tasks and profiles of each employee. The aim is to generate greater effectiveness and optimum production efficiency to achieve the company’s goals.

Masymas Supermarkets (Juan Fornés S.A) join Masymas Asturias Supermarkets (Hijos de Luis Rodriguez S.A) to integrate the SISQUAL solution in their daily activity.

With the modules SISQUAL® Forecast, SISQUAL® Team Dimensioning, SISQUAL® Auto Scheduling, SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit, SISQUAL® Quality of Life Portal, SISQUAL® Tasks, SISQUAL® Time&Attendance s/ terminals, we will help the achievement of their goals.

Juan Fornés Fornés has dedicated himself to wholesale goods in the cities of Marina Alta (Alicante), especially in those closest to his native Pedreguer. Over the years, the children have grown and acquired responsibilities within the company. One of them, José Juan Fornés Artigues – who is the current General Manager – decided in 1981 to change the business model and opened the first supermarket, also in Pedreguer.

Since then, Masymas supermarkets (Juan Fornés Fornés S.A.) have been able to create their own space in the highly competitive distribution market. It has accomplished that by growing step by step and safely until reaching the 130 stores it has today. These stores are spread throughout the Comunidad Valenciana and the region of Murcia.

This evolution was possible thanks to a close and familiar management that transformed its stores into a reference for the daily purchase of thousands of people from big cities, medium and small towns.