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SISQUAL Brazil gathers personalities in Belo Horizonte

SISQUAL Brazil gathers personalities in Belo Horizonte

This Tuesday, the city of Belo Horizonte (BH), in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, received with great enthusiasm the opening cocktail of the SISQUAL WFM office.

The renowned ‘Espaço Vista’, in the centre of the capital of Minas Gerais, was the meeting point for several guests and important people of the region, in what was another big step of SISQUAL WFM in the Brazilian market, thus following the goal of expansion.

During the event, whose opening was in charge of the new CEO of SISQUAL WFM in Brazil, Eduardo Dias Jorge, several themes of interest in different areas of performance of SISQUAL WFM, such as retail and health, were presented. Eduardo Dias Jorge highlighted the importance of a tool for human resources management nowadays, especially in the post-pandemic period. Through SISQUAL WFM “we guarantee the services levels, making sure that you have the right person, performing the task in the right place at the right time, facilitating the management of companies, increasing the productivity and quality of life of workers”, he added.

For the head of the company in Brazil, the meeting “exceeded all expectations, as the exchange of experiences was beneficial for everyone and will certainly bring positive changes for the future of the labour market in the region,” he said.

Before toasting to the new SISQUAL WFM address in BH, the team in BH was surprised with a welcome video with messages from all the SISQUAL WFM teams around the world.

SISQUAL WFM has been in Brazil for 10 years and is now a reference in more than 300 hospitals and more than 350,000 employees use the tool. The company is the leading brand in the WFM market in Brazil, having been recently recognized as the “Most Remembered Brand for Decision Making“, in the Health sector.