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Salary Entitlement

Payment is the result of all the work your staff, an error can jeopardize the relationship the company has with the employee. It can send the wrong message, demotivate your team, in other words, it means risks to compliance, business and bureaucracy to HR.

The salaries calculation process must be flawless, all the data must be integrated and the most automated process you have, the less error you can get.

SISQUAL® WFM can automate your salary entitlement process and also work on motivation. Manage an approval workflow with efficient time management integrated to payroll systems and time tracking.

Get to know our Salary Entitlement Tools

SISQUAL® Expenses-Management

Keep your processes simple! Provide an easy tool to for your staff submit their expenses through the SISQUAL<sup>®</sup> Quality of Life Portal.


Reward your staff: create a productive environment with tailor-made visible campaigns for your staff, during ‘bonus’ periods, and link them to payroll.

SISQUAL® SalaryCalc

Manage Costs: plan in principle budgets for schedule, manage the cost, report accurate pre-calculated final salary details to your ERP/Payroll system.

Join more than 1,000 customers and trust SISQUAL® WFM to deliver the best schedule your staff can have!