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Principle Power renews energy with SISQUAL WFM

Principle Power renews energy with SISQUAL WFM

The technology and services company for renewable energy, Principle Power, started this last July with the implementation project of the SISQUAL WFM® software.
The group operates in the offshore market through the implementation of wind turbines in deep waters. WindFloat® is the name of the floating technology platform developed by the company that allows offshore wind turbines to be installed at any sea depth, to provide access to the best wind resources worldwide.

The company, a leader in the floating wind technology market, has approximately 150 employees and acquired the Time&Attendance; Quality of Life Portal, SalaryCalc and Notifier modules to simplify and automate the team management and salary processing processes.
The need to obtain a Workforce Management (WFM) tool, and more specifically to record the daily presence of employees, arose from a geographical requirement of the company, which in addition to being headquartered in the United States is also present in Portugal, the United Kingdom, France and, more recently, Japan.

Through the ‘Smart Clocking’ App which is integrated into the Quality of Life Portal, the energy company obtains all relevant information about the number of workers active offshore and deployed by project, providing a detailed view of the activities carried out offshore. On the other hand, each of Principle Power’s workers can, also through Smart Clocking, do their daily register in a completely autonomous way using a mobile phone.

Principle Power’s long-term goal is to expand its cutting-edge wind power technology worldwide, becoming the basis for several offshore wind farms around the world.
When it comes to workforce management, SISQUAL ensures its aim to the development of innovative solutions for service management, proving its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Innovatively develop your business with SISQUAL WFM®!