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Planning is the most important phase for scheduling the right people at the right time without extra costs, it is a strategic phase when you gather all of your historical, forecast and operational data and evaluate how many people you need, to do the tasks necessary where they are needed. To have the right team, you have to have the right information because every strategic move counts to have a good number at the end of the month.

To deliver an effective planning tool, it’s crucial to understand the company processes, work culture, labour law, and an exhaustive analysis of its multiple effects on local and global society. SISQUAL® WFM will provide you with a set of tools for workforce planning and e-jobs, to ease this difficult and bureaucratic phase and thrive workforce management.

Get to know our Planning Tools

SISQUAL® Team Dimensioning

The right size: Create the ‘perfect team’ aligned with the predicted traffic data.


Work optimisation: plan and assign tasks, manually or automatically, realizing the value from the schedule.

SISQUAL® Auto Scheduling

The right team: schedule with one-click your people based on business demand, personal preferences, and labour law.

Join more than 1,000 customers and trust SISQUAL® WFM to deliver the best schedule your staff can have!