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PANDORA increased the licensing of SISQUAL’s Workforce Management software (WFM)

PANDORA increased the licensing of SISQUAL’s Workforce Management software (WFM)



PANDORA, the jewelry brand considered the “most beloved and respected throughout the world,” represented in Portugal since 2006 by Visão do Tempo, S.A., is a customer of SISQUAL®’s Workforce Management solutions since 2012.


These solutions have enabled Visão do Tempo, S.A. to plan and manage adequately the staff of PANDORA stores, located in shopping centers, with respect for labor laws and preferences of its employees, and ensuring a high quality of service to its customers.


According to Elsa Gonçalves, HR responsible, “Since SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit was implemented we observed a revolution in roster generation and staff management at stores, contributing to a much more efficient management”.


With the opening of 4 new stores, 2 in 2015 and another 2 already in 2016, and foreseeing the opening of more stores during the course of this year, Visão do Tempo, S.A. recently increased the licensing of SISQUAL®’s software and the related maintenance contracts to proportionately follow the remarkable growth of PANDORA’s business in Portugal.