Rede Ímpar
Sabará Hospital Infantil
Unimed Fortaleza
Santa Casa de Misericórdia da Bahia
Unidade Local de Saúde de Matosinhos
Centro Hospitalar de São João
Luz Saúde
Notredame Intermédica
Pulido Valente
Hospital de Santa Maria
Hospital IGESP
Hospital LeForte
Hospital Pequeno Príncipe



Optimisation tools will help you gather your data from business analytics, data mining, data visualization, data tools and infrastructure, and best practices to help organizations to make more data-driven decisions and quickly adapt to market or supply changes.

Sharing information across the organization or simply proving the right tool to your staff will engage your workforce and prioritize flexible self-service input, rich data on a trusted platform, empower the users, and speed up your business insights.

It’s a long path between interacting with your staff members and achieving the desired goal, with SISQUAL® WFM Optimizing tools you can have a shortcut to real-time data, anywhere, anytime.

Get to know our Optimisation tools

SISQUAL® Quality of Life Portal

Engage with your staff by providing individual schedules and personal info through a Portal and APP, give access to time & attendance data, overtime control, holidays, shift change requests etc.

SISQUAL® Dashboard

Business analysis: Insights about all locations, departments, employees, performance and budgeting

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