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One of the main Hospital in Portugal updates to version 7

One of the main Hospital in Portugal updates to version 7



After 11 years working with SISQUAL® WFM solution, the Central (sic) Hospitalar Lisboa Norte (CHLN), responsible for the administration of Santa Maria Hospital and Pulido Valente Hospital, will update to version 7.0 and train 400 operational managers.


Since May of 2007, the CHLN and SISQUAL® have worked together to be the center of excellence to all Portugal in terms of improved quality of service achieved through staff effectiveness, availability, and productivity. CHLN is responsible for the management of more than 6,300 employees, including 1,350 doctors.


The SISQUAL® WFM software solution is used to develop totally flexible schedules for nurses, doctors, and all staff members, as well as for time and attendance control.


A workload that was once difficult to manage, for more than 10 years now has, and continues to be very simple. Senior staff nurses and team leaders are able to review plans, review and approve overtime requests and make adjustments for unplanned absence’s in less than 5 minutes a day.


With SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit the experience is that of using a perfect real-time control panel to build a dynamic work plan, approve levels of team size, analyze, be compliant to labor law, best practice and personal preferences, manage absences, holidays and days off, planning shifts cycles, with everything easily integrated to the ERP, staff attendance, HR and payroll systems for accurate time recording, and pre-salary calculation.


The partnership with CHLN is one that will hopefully be in place for a long time.


SISQUAL® is the leader in software development for healthcare workforce management, present in more than 1,150 hospitals & health centers across the world, managing more than 900.000 employees.

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