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Mundial Supermarkets improves scheduling with SISQUAL® WFM

Mundial Supermarkets improves scheduling with SISQUAL® WFM

Brazilian supermarket chain, Supermercados Mundial, which owns more than 20 shops in the state of Rio de Janeiro, has successfully completed SISQUAL® WFM‘s implementation with the goal of automating scheduling and making workforce management easier.

After the implementation of SISQUAL®Operations Cockpit and SISQUAL® Quality of Life modules, the supermarket chain has seen a significant increase in the improvement of team management and greater centralization of information.

Founded in 1943 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Mundial chain has more than 70 years of experience in the retail market and manages more than 5000 employees.

WFM tools improve managers and employees’s daily lives

The difficulty in managing and controlling scheduling in the retail market is a reality for many companies, which lack efficient management of human resources, reflected in the under-sizing of teams at times of greater affluence.

Organizations that use SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit report achieving several benefits with direct impact on results, such as easier team planning, increased quality of service, and fewer administrative errors resulting from process automation.

Additionally, SISQUAL® Quality of Life improves communication between managers and employees who can now access, through any, fixed, portable or mobile device, information on holiday requests, shift changes, and other relevant information, being able to interact directly with superiors and the human resources department.

Automation guarantees increased productivity

In recent years, the retail sector has increasingly resorted to the use of technology in its operations in order to improve efficiency, and customer service, and optimize costs. Therefore, the use of WFM tools acts as a guarantee for increased productivity but also as a competitive advantage for companies.

Learn more about SISQUAL® WFM and its benefits for the retail sector!