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Gastronomy and WFM, the perfect match with L’EMPANAT

Gastronomy and WFM, the perfect match with L’EMPANAT



In the heart of La Sagrera in Barcelona, you will find the cozy and Centennial Plaza Masada and, between its porches, the gastronomy of GRUPO L’EMPANAT.


Rice/Paella, Starters as well as Seafood and Mountain Tapas (L’Arrossat), Pizzas, Pasta as well as Tapas (La Pizzeria de L’Empanat) and Gourmet Hamburgers (L’Empanat) are the culinary offer that this group, awarded for its creative recipes, offers in this traditional neighborhood of the Catalan capital.


Recently, its owners Marta and Jordi, who are focused on continuing to provide the best service to their customers, whilst facilitating the management of their employees’ shifts and schedules, and, above all, have more time to continue innovating and expanding their business, contacted SISQUAL® to provide a cross-sectional solution to its requirements.


Currently, thanks to the installation of a biometric terminal and its integration with SISQUAL® Time & Attendance, GRUPO L’EMPANAT have been able to have real-time visibility of the fulfillment of the schedules; in turn, thanks to SISQUAL® Schedule Generator they have started to generate automated schedules, allowing the owners to delegate this activity that, before, must be executed by them manually.


Marta Portero, co-owner and co-founder comments as follows:

“Thanks to the implementation of SISQUAL® solutions, I have not only been able to automate a large part of the personnel management work, but also to delegate it to the team leaders, empowering them in their functions and allowing me valuable time to dedicate myself to new creative ideas for the menu and new concepts that allow us to continue expanding our group”


The generation of automated schedules is adjusted to the current labor law, to the business rules established by GRUPO L’EMPANAT and to the contractual terms of each employee, as well as their shift preferences, humanizing the management thanks to the previous and further rules parametrizable in SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit.


In terms of usability, Marta says:

“For me SISQUAL® is very intuitive, introducing information in the solution is very simple and without having to navigate between thousands of different screens, it’s almost like working with a spreadsheet, but with millions of more advanced possibilities”


SISQUAL® is very proud to provide WFM solutions to large companies internationally, however, we are equally as excited when working with and supporting local entrepreneurs in the expansion and consolidation of their business models, something that fills us with great satisfaction.


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